Friday, June 11, 2010

Sedso's Place Your Art Here Exhibition featured on Phrequency & Philthy Blog

Posted by Conrad Benner on Phrequency...

"For this month's First Friday I stopped by Trust Gallery to check out the deservedly hyped "Made In America," presented by the very site you're on right now, Then I scooted over to the Piazza to check out Sedso Design's "Place Your Art Here," featuring the stencil work of over fifty local artists. And finally, for the second month in a row I headed over to Bambi Gallery, this time to see "Nutritional Facts" (and yes, the artist did eat that much cereal!), and to meet and interview the wonderful oil/graphite on trash artist, Kim Alsbrooks, who explains how her "White Trash" exibition began simply as a joke, but has evolved so beautifully.

Bambi Gallery, if you don't already feel this way yourself, is one of the most consistently great places to First Friday. And luckily for me, it's about a five minute walk from my house.

I can't put my finger on it exactly, but this was one of my favorite First Fridays in a while. But why should I put my finger on it anyway? That would take all the fun out of you watching the video and discovering a reason for yourself. Enjoy!"

Check it all out here.

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