Friday, April 30, 2010

PYT's First Annual Burgerdelphia Burger Eating Contest - Identity/Brand Design

Tommy Up's, P.Y.T., will host the first annual Burgerdelphia burger eating contest at noon on the main stage at The Piazza on May 1sr, 2010 as part of the Philadelphia Restaurant Weekend.
And a word from Tommy Up himself:

Philly, are you ready for Burger-Burger-Burgerdelphia? Philly's 1st Annual Burger Eating Contest this Saturday at the Piazza.
We will see how many PYT Burgers can be consumed in 10 minutes. Oh, we will see. Let's meet the competitors...

Eric Duong is a local Asian. He likes to breakdance, absolutely loves cheese and thinks he will win Burgerdelphia because he is really hungry all the time.
Leon Sonkin is a local dubstep dj/promoter. He likes hockey, cats, and has been watching Man Vs Food religiously in preparation for his victorious reign as Burgerdelphia champion.
Dave Wood hates the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies more than world hunger. He once ate 18 cuts of pizza at dinner just for fun so burgerdelphia should be a walk in the park!
Malcolm Conway lives and dies for the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Phillies, but hates competitor Dave Wood. Burgerdelphia should be no problem because he ate the South Street Heart Attack for an appetizer before his meal one night.
Katherine Stavniychuk says, "I am a pretty Russian girl with green eyes who loves me some MEAT!! I am 5'6" with shoulder length brown hair. I love love love burgers! and i love a challenge! would love to win and show everyone that a regular girl can eat lots of burgers too!"
DJ Sega is a local & national DJ legend, signed with Diplo's mad Decent Records & Old Head records. He is skinny, but he is hungry. He says, "This isn't a game anymore. This isn't funny."
Scotty Buck is a local nightlife and softball legend. he says, "Because I eat there 5 times a week and just feels like the right thing to do."
Jackson Galka: I'm one of those freakishly awkward skinny kids that can house large amounts of food in one sitting. It's all fun and games, but at the same time I take it seriously and I'm out to win.
David Jaffe is a local architectural engineer. Most people think his year long sabbatical from the industry has been due to the economy but a select few know it has been to train for Burgerdelphia with a strict regimen of burgers and whiskey.
Matt Gdowik is the champion of over 10 eating championships, and the creator and destroyer of the Summer of 1000 beers. He is also known as Silly Buddha.
Matty Mccone is a local house dj. loves dogs and playing music to relax. and believes he will win burgerdelphia due to the fact that being the skinny guy doesnt mean you cant beat the fat guy in a eating contest..... and he's here to prove it.
Ava-Lauren Weber is a local 9 year old girl. She says, "I'm nine and ate the pounder at cheeburger cheeburger and would love to participate in something like that again! let us know and my dad will take me on saturday - thanks!!! i live in old city philadelphia and LOVE PYT and so do my parents!"

Keep an eye out for Burgerdelphia Tshirts . . .

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