Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Motion Graphics & Stop-Motion Animation For SLDesign Moving Announcement

Chris Sheffield's SLDesign is a Philadelphia-based interior design studio that creates spaces that transcend trends and are uncompromisingly stylish and sophisticated. SLDesign asked Sedso to create an announcement to inform clients of their office move to the old milk bottle factory just north of Fishtown. This motion sequence is based around a stop-motion animation of photographs (simultaneously taken by Sedso while driving) of the ride from the old address to the new one. The animation combines a pattern overlay taken from the dotted lines of the SLDesign identity, distressed type/graphics taken from cardboard moving boxes, and the black & white (and occasional color) photographs of the stop-motion animation. The design below is the email blast graphic sent to all clients to launch the animated announcement.


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Anonymous said...

nicely done!

you guys do great b/w stuff...