Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SEDSO's Place Your Art Here - Famous Musician Exhibition - Call for Entries + Opening Reception

Place Your Are Here is a series of exhibitions created by SEDSO DESIGN. Each exhibition starts with an open call for entries, but every show has a different set of guidelines that the artist must follow to be admitted into the final show.
Submissions for our current show, Famous Musician, must focus on ONE of the musicians listed below and fit within an 8.5 x 11in vertical format. All entries must be black & white. Select entries will be included in the design of a permanent vinyl wrap that will cover the entire bar top at the Walnut Room, a discreet hotspot in Center City Philadelphia.

Notorious B.I.G. * James Brown * Michael Jackson * Bob Marley * Eric B. & Rakim * The Police * Beastie Boys * Eminem * N.W.A. * Tupac Shakur * Miles Davis * DJ Jazzy Jeff * Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes * ?uestlove * Janet Jackson * Will Smith * Al Green * Isaac Hayes * KRS-One * Diana Ross * Curtis Mayfield * Lee 'Scratch' Perry * Iggy Pop * David Bowie * Jay-Z * Tina Turner * Kanye West * Rick James * The Beatles * Rolling Stones * Chuck Berry * Little Richard * Aretha Franklin * The Roots * Ray Charles * Lady Gaga * Stevie Wonder * The Spinners * The Ramones * Ice T * Marvin Gaye * Bo Diddley * Prince * Schoolly D * The Clash * Johnny Cash * Madonna * David Bowie * Public Enemy * Nas * Run-DMC * Elton John * Dr. Dre * George Clinton (Parliament Funkadelic) * Wu-Tang Clan * Tina Turner * Justin Bieber * Rihanna * Snoop Dogg * OutKast * Ice Cube * Fugees * Cypress Hill * Busta Rhymes * Biz Markie * Queen Latifah * Grandmaster Flash * Big Punisher * Redman * LL Cool J * Afrika Bambaataa

This selection of musicians was chosen because their music is often played at the Walnut Room. If there is another musician you think might be appropriate, contact us and we'll consider letting you add them.

Entries may incorporate, but are not limited to, elements of illustration, screen printing, graphic design, water color, painting, etc., but all entries must be submitted digitally as a 300dpi, black & white JPG, TIF, EPS, AI or PDF. Original materials used to create the piece can be any kind of paint, marker, pen, pencil, ink, crayon, pastel, charcoal, etc., but keep in mind that pieces that aren't created digitally must be scanned so keeping the artwork fairly two-dimensional is preferable.

- Artwork must be submitted digitally.
- 8.5 x 11in vertical format
- 300 dpi JPG, TIF, EPS, AI or PDF
- Black & White Only

- Artwork CANNOT contain photography.
- Artwork CANNOT contain the famous musician's name.
- Artwork CANNOT be a horizontal format.
- Artwork CANNOT touch or bleed off any of the edges of the 8.5 x 11 in format.
- Artwork CANNOT contain a frame or border.

Friday, March 18th, 2011, 5pm

Submissions should be emailed to info@placeyourarthere.com with Name of Artist, Name of Famous Musician, and Materials/Process used to make the original piece.

Friday, March 25th, 2011, 7pm-10pm
Walnut Room - 1709 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19103

For more information about the guidelines for this event, visit:

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