Thursday, October 1, 2009

Place Your Art Here Exhibition - First Friday by Sedso Design Group


Place Your Art Here
is an exhibition created by Sedso Design Group as part of
of many First Friday Gallery Openings @ The Piazza this month.
Place Your Art Here features more than 200 + entries from 57 artists with a variety of backgrounds. There were endless possibilities, but each entry had to follow a specific set of guidelines and fit within an existing template. All entries are black & white only and placed within a 5 x 7 vertical format.

Entries include: graphic design, illustration, typography, collage, photography, screen printing, finger painting, and everything in between . . .


Submissions for the exhibition by:
Alicyn Archuleta, Mat Arney, Brooks Bell, Andy Benson, Blip, James Comey, David Copestakes, Kelly Doyle, Paul Drzal, Kyle Ferino, Thomas Foley, Gregory Ganski, Jason Ganski, Jason Gates, Joshua Gittelman, Joey Gothelf, Maria Havranek, Matt Henneke, Ben Howard, Kenny Kim, Daniel Kress, Emily Ianacone, Natasha Laurenson, Mallory Anita Lawson, Marcos Lopez, Chris Macan, Dannell MacIlwraith, Aaron Massas, Victoria Masters, Victoria May, Imri Jonas Merritt, Natalie Lara Merritt, Lisa Meck, Spenser Michaels, Rene Michele, Jeffrey Scott Miller, Jana Nelson, Joshua Opdenaker, Andrew Papoutsis, Casandra Pedersen, Rob Quigley, Lenard Ranieri, Marie Rodriguez, Kate Rohrer, Jose Ruiz, Bill Sands, Chris Sembrot, Dan Simon, Minder Singh, Adam Sivel, John Kane Smith, Matt Sullivan, Alaa Taher, Mike Valentine, Luke Weidner, Jonathan Wilde, Bethany Willis

Friday, November 6th, 2009 – 8pm - 11pm

Prints will be on sale: 2 for $5, 5 for $10

Sedso Design Group Gallery - Space 75 at The Piazza
1050 North Hancock Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19146

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